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if · u · ever · decide · not · to · be · a · lazy · ass...

im gonna make daamnnnn sure

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I LOOOOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Taking back sunday!!!!! new cd= kicks ass (even mine) other things i also love include REED and soccer(i cant wait til season gets here) and my sistadora who applauds me for singing in spanish to myself and frisbeeing and SUN and gummies (and of course food in general)

sooo i made it through last week when the fam was gone. im not gonna lie... it was tough and that makes me all the more awesome for living thru it. haha ohhh man - so my aunt came over when i was at classes and i had just gone to the deli and got FRESHHHHHHH SAHLENS HAM AND TURKEY and for some reason she felt she just had to eat ALLLLLLLLLLLL of my ham. i literally bought a 1/2 pound of it and used only two slices that morning for a sandwich and the rest SHE ATE!! now i have no problem sharing and whatnot and shes family so shes definitly welcome to search our fridge or pantry or whatever, but isnt it just rude to finish off someones food??? i dont even know why i was upset about it, but i ended up gettin more eventually and shed come over saturday really qwik and took some of that too, even after i had like hidden it behind the yogurt in our frige~~ so i dunno whats up with her and my ham, but christ on a cracker...

im not sure why that was the first thing i put down, but i think i still had some residual anger or something and now its out so i feel better.

butyeah last week was all a big rush pretty much - i feel like i didnt really see anyone tho. ironically enough tho some random girl who i now think i recognize from one of my classes just started to talk to me in the hallway one day. but yeah i was totally caugh off guard and i wish i couldve seen my face bc im guessing it was the epitamy of what dumbfounded looks like. i also got to see dave too - that was exciting bc hes a lazy ass and never comes to visit me anymore. apparently a conan ticket is more tempting than me~~ haha. but that was fun, we layed outside and got burned on thursday when it was unbelievably beautiful and in the 80s. (well dave burned, i didnt bc i just dont) soo i guess i lied when i said i didnt see anybody all week. but everything felt kinda brief and slightly rushed. EXCEPT FOR WHEN I VISITED MY neighbors mark and patty. good gracious those two can talk. actually it was more just patty poor mr mark and me couldnt get a word in inchwise (haha always wanted to use that phrase) but yeah - ill just put it this way... i intended to go over there monday and just say hi and let them know i was home. i ended up stuck there for 2 hours that night and already had plans for thursday dinner with them (which lasted a good 3 and a half hours) HAHA. now dont get me wrong i love them - they are the biggest sweethearts ever and would do anything for my family, but when i have an exam to study for and a quiz and a project due soon i kinda need to use any free time doing those things. but all ended well and my crap got done and they are actually quite entertaining. and i got to meet one of their sons who was also an incredibly cool guy.

so theres a lot more to tell about my "week as a commuter" but i have to get ready for class, so ill update again later i think.

mi desko
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