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soooooooooo awesomley eventful day today... kinda slept in a lil bc had a ridiculously early day wednesday. but getting back to today... it really wasnt that extraordinary... but compared to a normal thursday it ended up bein pretty cool.

so first of all - i had no lab bc we finished a week f'in early and that made my semester (at least pertaining to ochem) then in physics we started a chapter thats definitly not going to be on the final... so instead of paying attention i started this awesome book joseph gave me... anne rice classic "the vampire Lestat". and occasionally i just had craig nudge me when there was a clicker question. so im pretty captivated with this book. i told joe that i like the movie queen of the damned and these are the books it came from. so im liking it so far bc its actually the story of lestat before how he is in the movie and how he got there. its prettyy sweet so far is all i can say. so next dave met me again, thats right i now have enough power over him to drag him out of bed and get to UB 2hrs before his first class. So he bought me a lot of food and drinks since i am poor (but somehow he "lost" his card when he was about to get a soft pretzel for me-- of course like 1 minute later i was like did u check all yer pockets and he said yeah and i said how many do u have... and apparently he forgot he had back pockets on both side... mhmmmmmm likely story.-either way i got my pretzel and was happy.)

so then we got tea and frisbeed for only a little bit bc dave is a big bully and goes aroun breaking people's frisbees. and then he went to class and i came back here and it was so nice at this point that i didnt want to stay inside. so i was tryin to convince lauren to come out with me and kick a ball around, but she had to study. so i was just gonna try and find a place to mess around myself. i couldnt find 1, but then by some odd chance of fate, i ran into Liz (the most kickenest ass pole vaulter/intramural soccer buddy/ surfing chica everrrr) and she told me to go into the stadium bc the track team wasnt there today. so i did and it was AWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESOMEEEEEEEEEEE. i wasa on the beautiful turf that the mens team plays on and my goodness... i felt like i could have played right along side them. it was incredible. and i literally had the whole place to myself. (unfortunately i realized when i was about to go that i lost my glasses which i had brought to read if i coudnt find anywhere. so that was pretty much the only bad part of my day... and i am kinda distraught bc those were kind of expensive frames, but im not too worried, because ive got my old ones and they were actually kind of beat up - i think they got crunched under my carseat once and i had to bend them back into place with pliers, and the lens popped out once, and whatnot... but they still fit my face pretty good. Illl just have to settle for the old ones. no biggy

But getting back to my awesome day... and this might have been the make or break moment for being awesome today...

so on my way back from the stadium to my room, im walking to the bus loop and on the hill going up to clemens is a police car on the sidewalk. two cops are talking to some guy in all black and a beanie hat, and theres this other rasta looking guy with him holding two party pizzas and a few boxes of wings. so i dont really think anything extreme is going on, just questioning or whatever. and the cops kind make the guy go through his bag, but then he closes it. and all of a sudden the cop made a motion to kind of direct the guy away from the road and towards his car, so he kind of reaches out and almost toughed the dude... and he starts FLIPPING OUT. hes all like whoa WHOA WHOAAAAAAAA. and the cops like u need to come over here now, and the dude starts kind of arguing with him, so then out of nowhere the one cop says something in his walkie talkie and another cop car pulls around onto to sidewalk with lights on, and simultaneously the two cops already there talk this guy and slammmmmm him onto the hood of their car and cuff him. so then he keeps goin on about hes not resisting and he did nothing wrong the cops telling him to shut his effin mouth and his friend just looked really high and kinda out of it. so he starts yelling to his friend to take his bag and stuff (and it was kind of in a winking way like something in the bag should prbably not be found by cops) and his friend was like "yeah, can i take his bag?" and the cops said no... and he was like "Okay" and walked away! hahahahahahha and so at this point i felt kind bad that i was just watchin this happen, and decided to catch the bus realqwik. but ohhhhh man - that was pretty entertaining seeing the campus po po in action!

so then i got back here and kinda bummed around, checked out what movies are on... and then for some reason i got all the way up to animal planet on the channels here and it looked like a giraffe had fallen down on its own head... so obviously you can't just flip past that. little did i know what i was in for.
turns out i was actually seeing a live birthing of a baby giraffe. yeah it wasnt the big momma giraffes head i saw underneath her on the ground - it was her BABy's so them it finally stood up from being on its side and the all that was out was the baby's head and its two front legs ---------- my GOOOOOOOODDDDD ive never seen anything more awkward and gross. so its kinda just standing around with like a quarter of the baby hangin out of its... whatever... and then a minute goes by and all of a sudden the whole thing just SPLATS out onto the ground. and this isnt just like a foot about ground - im talking a long fall from a full grown giraffe's butt area. and just this feeling of vomit creeping up my throat comes over me bc then all this liquidy discharge (im guessing the placenta or whatever) spills out... no lie im going with like a gallon's worth... and it looked like orange juice as lauren so helpfully pointed out. needless to say i wont be drinking any orange juice for a while. soo yeah that was that whole process.

and that pretty much completes my awesome day. ohhhh there was a little more reading thrown in there and some open mic music, and of course a (disappointingly) shortened walk with the lovely shauna.

sooo yea that about covers it ---------im gonna sleep now bc it somehow got to be 115 am!!!! ABSURD. more to come still on the "week as a commuter" later and hopefully ill get down some ideas of what to do this summer and some of the cool kids i met through vball!

alright im out


(p.s. its reallllllyyyyy awkward when michael calls me that)
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On May 1st, 2006 12:42 pm (UTC), nickbattista commented:
hey, i might stilly have your taking back sunday tickets...haha. I guess i'll talk to ya later and see when you are coming and stuff, lol. have a nice one.
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