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if · u · ever · decide · not · to · be · a · lazy · ass...

cause you remind me of a time when we were so alive --- do you remember that?

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I hate fricken laryngitis ---- it can kiss my ass. but for real it sucks - it sounds so much wose than it is and i feel bad bc i sound so sick but im really not and i think people are grossed out by it - i know i would be if i had to talk to me.  so i just wish once and for all it owuld go away - i dont want this crap for a month or two... ohhh noooooooo

 but yeah - soooo school is officially over - it soooo incredibly nice and yet im still kinda sad - mostly i think bc all the school friends are gone home or are away.  But im not gonna just sit here and be depressed about it ive decided - im gonna do stuff this summer. im gonna go hiking and check out downtown and visit chicago to visit renee and hopefully visit another sweet kid. And that kid is RAY HOLTTTTT!  god i love him. he has got to be one of the kickenest ass kids ive ever met - just an overall sweetheart and interesting and funny and fun and just good to talk to.  

and also davveeeeeee and i are going to hang out quite a bit i hope - and me and al promised wed come harass craig at UB while hes doing gross anatomy (yeah thats the one with cadavers)  soooooo i m just glad ive got these plans and im actually going to do them. You will hear about them because i am really going to do them - and its gonna feel awesome and itll take my mind off any anxiety hopefully and any sad feelings bc of missing people and im thinking it will finally  help me grow up a little... 

welll with that im feeling the nyquil kick in - man that shit works quick.(i hope it stops this cough too)   So im hittin th hay as they say - and i will update about something more important/significatn at least tomorrow... just kinda needed to get that out to remind myself.  

night all 

p.s. i ABSOLUTLY CANNOT get enough of Papa walsh!!  i heart him and hes on my buddy list!!!!! more to come on that later too.  alrighty - sleep tight
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