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soccccccerrrrrr RULES - i am so psyched and no longer nervous like i was today (our first game) which actually turned out to be not a game bc refs didnt show up and we ended up just scrimmaging for like 20 minutes - thats right --- the other team got so mad that we were winning that they left after 1 HALF. I am soo friggin excited for this - and im actually really glad im on this team. Its nice to get to meet other people for once rather than playing with the same girls i have all my life practically. I got jenna with me and jill too - so ive got people i know, but im glad i will finally get to meeet new ppl who also enjoy soccer as much as i do... its good to have a common interest i guess - so hopefully ill make some new friends and not just for the summer.

All these girls are amazing and most play for their colleges or on club teams there - which is awesome... because we are actually pretty good - quite different from alden soccer if you ask me because they actually have strategy and use the plays you see the women's national team do - like someone actually used me back as the goalie - i was pretty psyched but kinda nervous because i didnt know if i had the accuracy or skill to really control where the ball went. but then it worked and i actually kicked it pretty far - which ive always kind of had a problem doing with a stopped ball. but it felt good to be treated on the same level as these girls. plus they are all just really nice... and ironically enough a few of them i recognize playing against in high school. but its neat because everyone is older and wiser and whatnot and we're all there to have fun and win a  few. and this one girl Hayley, possibly the only one i remember the name and face, is pretty sweet - we kinda got to chat bc shes my left D and when we were thinking about what to change in the (hypothetiical) second half - we mostly ended up laughin at crazy stories and jokes... and that ended up ok since... u know... there was no second half bc the other team ran away (ohhhhh  Pammy Oles was on the other team too and i felt so bad for her bc it kinda seemed like she didnt know any of them - and they were kinda bad...) but yeah   hayley... my new buddy - lookin forward to it

So thats my exciting story for today-- my new soccer experience is gonna be good i thnk------oohhh  i almost forgot... the alden team tif wanted me to be on with her... yeah we're gonna end up playing them!!!! i think thats gonna be pretty awesome, but ill probly be nervous for that one...

SOOOOOOOOO i also figured out i need to get in shape - i am ridiculus~*waves fake wand*~ but for real im pathetic and im glad i gave up ice cream for soccer today - bc being fatigued after just having some shots taken on you... is DEFINITLY not a good sign - so im gonna run all this week, and i want to call laura to see if maybe shed come to bob O or eastwood fields and shoot on me, and then we could get a chance to hang out too. or is she didnt want to i know i could convince jenna to ride her bike over there. Or if shes busy - i guess i could always try and make amber come down to the fields down the street with me and shoot around. 

what else is up - stupid sabres loosing tonight - its all my fault - i talked about them being on a roll and having this hype and whatnot... and i jinxed them - everyone can blame me... ORRRRRR the Refs - bc my goodness they sucked massive hairy balls. I swear this game had to fixed a little bc as bad as we skated we were getting killed out there left and right with trips and holds and interference and everything you could imagine... but the refs conveniently didnt start calling any of it until there was only about 2 and a half minutes left and we were down 4-1. but at least we came back and brought it up to 4-3... thus showing we refuse to lose by more than 1 and gettin ready to have our HOME ICE advantage. is gonna be absolutly NUTS downtown when they get back here--- im pretty psyched. we do sooooo much better when we have ALLLLLLLL of buffalo practically in the arena... and thats exactly what we need ---- so i shall talk about this no longer since i believe its my fault we lost today. 

ummm ohh yeah last thing of the night i think - i finally sent the first letter to shauna on her AT adventure!!!!!! im such a dork and i write letters soooo badly - but this wasnt meant to be like a business letter or anything so i dont feel so bad - bc it didnt have to be proper and it didnt have to be clean and it didnt have to be about anything in particular... it just had to be there for her - Its really just meant to send all the love and keep her going - bc you dont really think about it every day someones gone on a journey like this... that they actually have nothing else to think about than what they are doing right now. And that can get kind of overwhelming. I mean actually sending this today i realized this wasnt just a story she was telling me she wanted to do and shes not just sitting around somewhere thinking of what she should do today... shes only got one thing to do - and thats HIKE! and as simple as that sounds ITS NOT and this isnt some movie... its her actual life. Its kind of a big thing (massssssive understatement) shes really outside in the woods at this very moment hopefully sleeping and shes focused on LIVING. shes on her own with just the stuff in the pack on her back to live off of. there are wild animals and no toilets and all you do is walk climb eat sleep try not to get hurt, try not to sink in the mud when it rains, and try to figure out why you were crazy enough to actually do this. Im thinking all of this can weigh pretty heavy - and not in terms of pounds. I just hope shes living it up (as much as one can in this kind of thing) and appreciating every moment of gorgeous simplicity and astounding beauty these mountains have to offer. and i also hope she takes something from this adventure. Becuase i know shes gonna give that trail a huge part of her heart - and think doing this, completing this, will help complete her. and i mean that totally in a building her up way - in no way do i mean i think shes incomplete now or like a part of who she is is missing or sad or anything like that - i just mean hiking in general seems like such a huge part of her life and this is like the olympics of hiking -and for her to not be on the team is CRAZYNESS.  

soo  - needless to say i miss her and wish i could see her this summer, but i know how important this is to her, so im gonna be there the only way i can be - and i want to keep her focused and thinking positive as best i can... and i want her to know i believe in her

o tay - well its late now and ive got to do some cleaning tomorrow and finite the unpacking and i think i want to visit the buffalo library tomorrow! i dunno ive had this huge urge to learn about buffalo and see the reall buffalo - not just the run down empty place everyone thinks it it is - because theres really a lot of cool things here and ive been finding out theres always something to do! so i plan to do them all this summer! soo i gotta rest up - (oh and ill have to explain the awesomeness that is papa walsh in the next one)



P>S> i miss my caitlyn hoskyns sooooooo incredibly much - unfortunately i missed her on mothers day but i did catch momma H and jackie - but they do not = CAITLYN... and i need some quality caitlyn time!

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