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III finally did it! i told my mom how i feel about the whole her…

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III finally did it! i told my mom how i feel about the whole her using me as an errand girl when im home thing. i didnt even mean to and i was just barely awake... considering i really only slept like 5 hrs. but ohh man - it was rough at first bc she did the guilt thing that shes soooooo good at. and it didnt really work bc i had already said what i felt and so i think she got kinda sad and maybe a lil angry. but i just told her the truth and that i didnt want to resent her for this and it really wasnt that big if a deal. i really dont mind doing all these things for her - i just want to do my things sometimes and i feel like bc i cant say no to her i always push my things aside. and eventually i think she realized how much she actually does it and said she was glad that i had the guts to even tell her. and then as aunty suzy would say she built a bridge and got over it. so yeah - i feel super good about this and like i have a newfound freedom and whatnot. so im super excited! gotta sleep noow tho bc workin early tomorrow!  just wanted to write down this little breakthrough and report that the beginning of me getting in shape is going swimmingly. i ran rollerbladed and soccered today. quite fun - tomorrow depending on if dave calls me and/or has a frisbee i will hopefully have the intensity of our frisbee sessions and if we dont hang out til later im planning on cleaning my el coche. i dont know what that had to do with fitness... but im throwin out there anyway. ill hopefully throw in a run sometime after work and before bed.  and with that kick butt plan... i am off
the great state of NY
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