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Crap. well  the effin sabres lost - and i was pretty pissed at first. I mean come onnnnnnnnnn - i know they "gave it their all" and everything but still - i think they could've thrown that little something exttra in and won. they deserved it wayyy more than n carolina, but ran out of juice or whatever... i refuse to believe they didnt have what it takes bc they did - and i was just really dissappointed (for some reason i felt like we gave up-i could have been wrong on that) - either way i've built a bridge and gotten over it and now i respect them again and of course they are still awesome.

hmm what else - been workin a lot as always - the past 2 thursdays ive gotten to have breakfast with ym favorite english teacher of all time!! thats right im talkin about MC herself! its been good catchin up with her, but today she kinda started going on about how everything revolves around some sort of politics and how high school never really ends. so i dunno whats goin on for real there that she feels that way, but im sure ill find out. i just hope she doesnt get too depressed over it. i tried to convince her not everything is like that but she wouldnt have it. she said even the way i decide whether or not im going to be friends with someone is politics - but then i said i am just friends with everybody - to which she said are you friends with some really annoying kid who just is a complete ass and has no respect for anybody? and i said no - and she said "see!" and then i was like OGHHHHUUUUGHHHHHHHHHHHHH that didnt make any sense at alllllll. and she said whatever... and thats how it ended. haha - but yeah at least i got fresh fruit and some excellent muffins that mr rispoli made himself. 

soooo my sister had surgery a two days ago - i dunno why im still goin on about this to everyone... it really wasnt that big of a deal - it was maybe literally an hour long and all she has are two holes where they put the instruments through and she was walking on it right afterwards(just to get in the house, but still no crutches or nething) and shes just kinda been bummin around.i took her to the chorus concert yesterday - my my my i didnt know it was possible to have such a good time at those lame things. and then today she was back in shcool. so of course i stuck around to say hi to a few ppl - somehow i got dragged to the leadership homeroom, which i used to belong to, and got to see mr bauer who then made me stand up at the end of his meeting and  talk out of nowhere. and then i went to chat with him after and it kinda seemed like he was trying to get rid of me or that he was in pain or something. either way it was really awkward - bc this man is probably one of the coolest teachers ever - and he pretty much likes everyone, so im not sure what his deal was - maybe he was just sad that it was their last meeting together. either way...

soccerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - my god i loooveeee it soo much. my team is amazing i actually like all the girls and we all get along - no drama bc everyone is soo laid back and funny and its awesome. there is really no other way to describe it except as sheer awesomeness. and this nexxt game we play the alden team!!!! the girls id usually play with and did thru high school. im soooooooooo excited and pumped and im gonna ride my bike from my house to town early and everything! i can already tell its gonna be good!!

work... wweeelll i forgot to send the orders last thursday and i felt like the biggest ass ever bc i really just blanked out and forgot - no excuse and no reason for it - probably bc thursday nights are soo boring i tried to get ahead of myself and thats something that should be saved for last, which i then proceeded to just end up not doing. so neway its over and none of the elders of alden have passed on so im feelin better - but i still feel like i let them down. bc its not even a hard thing to remember - its actually the simplest thing there bc the computer does everything and all i have to do is hit print. so i was upset about it and went in to tlak to ron and linda ended up lookin at me in that way like she just knew i was already upset and was on the edge and that made me cry and now ron probably thinks im crazy and all overemotional and like i took this too seriously. but i dont think he'll actually think that bc hes a sweet man and he knows me and how hard a worker i am -  i just really hate the feelin of letting someone down - its pretty much my only and biggest fear. (besides being eaten by an octopus)

so im over that little episode finally and im planning on working double time tomorrow and getting a tonnnnn done to make up for it kind of and also bc i want to try and get mary ahead back there. BECAUSE

im gonna take a week off and head out to amenia to go hiking with the one and only shaunaaaa~ thats right  - for like 5or6 daysish we're gonna hike and camp out and whatnot like actual backpackers. i just decided tonight so im pretty amped about it and excited and nervous bc ive never done anything like this. but i dont know why im nervous really bc its not that huge of a thing - i just think ill end up forgetting something super important like i dunno - the sleeping bag or shirts, or *gasp* a handkerchief. (all of those are mucho important <much more important than underwear ive found out>)  so now i just have to ask for it off tomorrow - i kinda feel bad about the short notice - but 9 days isnt too bad. i just feel like i might never get a chance to do something like this again - plus its shauna and shes incredible and shes my friend who i dont want to be going all alone on this and im just excited shes even here. so all in all im more psyched than nervous (still a lil worried whether my sleeping bag can withstand temperatures below 40 degrees.) and really lookin forward to it now! 

ooooooo and ill get to see papa walsh!! srry i didnt explain about his awesomeness sooner - im pretty sure he and mrs walsh are where shauna got all of her awesomeness from. this man is just incredible - at her graduation party i had just met him and that was when i had the laryngitis and no voice - so i just hugeed him right off the bat and tried to tell him who i was. and he was soo sweet about it - he didnt get annoyed or avoid me to talk to other ppl - we had actual conversations and he could actually understand what i was saying most og the time. we just bonded in a way that words cant describe - alomst like we're related somehow... i dunno  (i was actually pretty outgoing that day i dunno why... (felt a lil like aunty debbie but not as embarrassing or rude) so anyway - he falls right into my fascination and obsession with older men. i cant help it that im drawn to them - papa walsh, ron, randy, mr. mark next door, mr winegar, professor barry, i could go on - but ud probably get creeped out. soooo yeah - i love him and mrs walsh and brianne and pretty much all of shauna's family - they are sweet. that party was a good time - met some good people and im just glad. in general. 

umm on that note -  im gonna call it a night. im not really tired which is weird bc ususally when i sit in the bunk bed in my closetroom i fall asleep with this thing still one - but not tonight. gotta be all the excitedment! and the awkward position of my legs and my nerves and just being excited to actually see shauna and the awesome amount of hugs ive been getting lately from my sweet lova an roney!! that girls been making my life lately. shes the biggest sweetheart ever and she seems like she might be on speed sometimes, but thats just her personality and i luve it. and her.

ok for real tho- good night and have a pleasant tomorrow


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On June 10th, 2006 03:47 pm (UTC), coonslick commented:
ok first of all.. underwear is important. it just depends on preference. just remember that cotton is rotten.

and what the hell - you have an obsession with my dad?



you might want to get a sleeping pad - thermarest makes these things called the 'z-lite', which are only 20 smackers and you can one at pretty much any outfitters store - EMS, dicks, whatever.. but it'll be a good idea to get one.

anyway.. i'll see you in a week.. :)

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