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Day 1 - Actual hiking starts

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My first day everrr hiking. i woke up once in the night (or technically morning) bc of a bad dream. it was pretty messed up - something like the walsh's house was actually a tree house made of surfboards and to get down you just dropped into the lake or whatever was below it and shauna did that. and at first i thought she was showing off or whatever and then all of a sudden from above i saw massive amounts of crocodiles and i just kind of said to brianne wait why are there crocodiles? does she know they're there? and just as i started to scream to go back she swam right over where they were under the water and one just came up jaws style and like attacked her... i know its horrible but it was vivid, and all i remember is her screams and feeling my heart drop completely out of my body. like i had no reason to live anymore or something. and then i dove down to try and save her or something... and right as a croc was coming at me i snapped awake. needeless to say it was horrible and it took me a while to get back to sleep after i calmed down. and of course it was only about 2 and half hours later that i was woken up. so i told shauna my dream and she thought it was crazy. but obviously it wasnt real and i realized there were probably no crocodiles around there and i felt a lot better. (p.s. sorry for the kinda grotesque start)

So after showers at 530 in the morning we were getting ready to go, but then we almost went to church, but PW didnt want to take us all the way to the church and then back and then to the trail... he told us we could go and come back and then hed take us. but eventually we just ended up heading out to the trail. A lovely brisk morning it was. PW drove us to kent where the trail crossed some road... of course i dont know which one, but i dont think it matters. So anyway - apparently i actually looked like a hiker (at least thats what PW said before he left us) and i was pretty excited about it. Until i realized we had to hike up a pretty large mountain right away. Now just for future reference i dont know any of the elevations or miles up an ascension or nething, but i remember this one being pretty big. But i was soo glad to be with shauna bc she was really good about taking little breaks as we went up. so aftter feeling like we had gone in circles around the mountain we finally got to the part of the trail where it goes along the hoosatonic river (defintily spelled that wrong). BUt this was perfect because it was about lunch time and we were hot and hungry. we finally found a spot on some rocks in the shade had lunch sat in the water a lil just kinda chilled out. it was the perfect lunch break. we actually saw a water snake too. he just was gliding along - came close to the rock with our food on it, but just climbed over the side of it and back into the water and went on his way. then shauna napped, i waded and just kinda appreciated how clean and real it was out there. i dont think it actually hit me until then that id be outside for the next 5ish days straight. and if every day was going to be like this i knew i wouldnt mind it at all.

We decided to get going again and ran into a little old dude who seemed to know a lot about the different kinds of trees and vegetation. he said his son had thru hiked i think in '02 he said. but apparently he loved it and was so grarteful he did it. then he talked more about trees and how people these days dont appreciate them and just hike without ever knowing whats surrounding them. i can see where hes coming from and everything, but then i realized how many different kinds of trees there are and decided i wasnt too sad bc theres a buttload. SO on we went--- i think at that point we had about 4 miles and some odd fraction left. For some reason (i dont actually remember why) we decided to stop before that though at the next upcoming shelter (10 mile shelter) instead of the one after it. This worked out very nicely bc it was right next to the 10 mile river which we ended up also cooling down in
< and shauna ended up almost falling into a bunch of times>

but yeah it also was by an almost road - just a dirt one with crushed leaves covering it and everything, probly just for maintaining the trail and whatnot. But it ended up being a great spot for some frisbeeing... away from the stupid tall grass with all the ticks in it... so we had a good time with that - i ended up making my own "path" bc apparently it only takes 6 times over the same place for it to become a trail, and for some reason the frisbee liked this one spot about 15 feet from where i stood so me going to get it a few times was enough to make it a technical path!! i wouldnt have known that. i also got a nice little gash on my knee. im pretty sure it was from a branch or something but im not quite sure. it probably cant really be considered a gash at all, more like a small cut across my knee but i like to make it sound cool and hardcore... so we're going with gash!

but back the the shelter - i was nice. three walls and a roof is all it takes. they are all pretty much the same... raised up off the ground bc animals and bugs for all of you who dont know what a shelter looks like. so we set out our stuff to dry bc it was all pretty shvety at that point. we kinda jsut chilled out - i read, she read, we napped kinda, then i went to get water to boil for dinner once it was that time, and our first "roughin' it" experience happened. she tried to attach the little stove to the fuel can and apparently could not get it to fit in. something about being different brands, but usually they all kind of fit each other. SO we didnt have fire the first night and shauna seemed kinda mad, and i was slightly worried that she wouldnt make it thru the night... hahaha if you knew her appetite like i did, youd understand. but yeah - me being the awesome person i am, i ended up having 2 tortillas more than i needed so we had those with some cheese for din din and like a cereal granola-ish bar i think and maybe some peanut butter with brown sugar (which by the way = the best thing ive ever had in my whole life relating to peanut butter!!!) But anyway... the no fire thing kinda stunk but it really wasnt a big deal and it ended up working out alright that we stayed at this shelter bc the next day wed be going across a road only a few miles away from a town, so she decided we could stop and look for fuel there and if worse comes to worse we could call brianne and ask her to bring us the right fuel from her house. but thats a story for the next entry.

the rest of the night we continue to bum out, set up our sleeping bags to the side in case anyone else came. First two people, a man and a girl, came up to it and said hi and whatnot - and just ended up being day hikers i think. they signed the register (which is like the journals at every shelter pretty much where all the hikers can write any good info or secret findings or just thoughts. its kinda cool actually) but yeah they were kinda awkward but they left soon enough and we were alone and figuring we would be for the night. BUT THEN a group of like 6 or 7 people stopped at the shelter too. At first i didnt know what would happen - but we were talkin to them and they were a group who were trying to hike the whole section of the trail that goes through conn. in 2 days!!! i dont know the total mileage there, but im gonna say roughly 60ish miles. thats 30 a day. they had to have hiked from like 5 in the am til dark (and possibly a little into the night). I think they said they'd done 27 or 8 the day before and today they were going for 29ish. SO thats a LOTTTTT - and they seemed pretty well organized bc the one guy was like "dahh we needed to be here at 748. what time is it? 752? Alright - 3 minutes left people!!" and he literally like counted it down and was trying to be all motivational. The "leader" guy also happened to be wearing a lime green... wait for it... skirt ... that one would wear to, oh i dunno, play tennis or something like that. And HE also happened to have a lovely matching headband (that if i recall correctly may have had sequens on it) and needed help getting his socks off and new ones on - thats how hardcore he was. his legs cramped up just from taking socks off!!!!! HXC !!!!

Soo they ended up not staying with us obviously, but definitly made for and eventful night. once they left we kinda laid down to sleep. still was a little light out so that didnt gelp and the mosquitos were out pretty good (but not swarming us or nething). i think my main problem that night was that it was still really warm all night and i really didnt want to be in my sleeping bag bc id get overheated. but if i wasnt under it id get bitten up pretty good by the bugs. Plus it was my first time on the hard wood with just my little pad under me. So that took a lil getting used to. But i think i mightve actually fallen asleep for a good 3 hrs straight at one point. Pretty good i think. the rest was on and off. But in the morning i wasnt actually too tired.

day 1 in the record books...

since its now 1130 and i have to work early tomorrow im gonna stop here. but now that ive got the memories flowing ill write em down somewhere so i hopefully catch em all and i shall continue this tomorrow!

sorry for this being so long- ill try not to write as many insignificant things next time. but this was a pretty exciting experience for me and i am kind of using this as a backup memory keeper for myself.

< Plus i know everyone thinks my life is pretty darn interesting and wants to know every single detail, so im just trying to provide that-hahaha!!!>

bye for now.

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