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hmmmm day 2?? ahh yess its all coming back to me now (and not celine dion style- bleh) we pretty much woke up with the sun (like we would for the rest of the hike) its really not so bad bc we werent staying up til midnight-ish like i do whenever im home for some reason. so we had a lovely brisk morning for breakfast and packed all the stuff up and headed out pretty much right away.

had a nice uphill climb off the bat - it felt good to get it over with early, but then i felt like we just kept going down for half the hike. and as nice as that might sound, im gonna go ahead and just tell u all that whatever u think about going downhill is wrong. its probably worse than going up. its where u get blisters, and ankle rolls/sprains/breaks, and its where you can slip and fall and feel like a dork, and its where you dont necessarily have to use your knees or muscles around em BUT you do have to protect them bc going down is usually how they get sore and inflamed or whatever. so you have to concentrate on where your stepping and taking soft steps so as not to aggrivate the joints, and all the while you just want to find a good view, but there are non bc yer going down and trees are basically ALWAYS in the way.

ok sorry about that rant. kinda needed to get it out. going downhill really isnt that bad and when youre tired from going up a huge one, you do kind of long for a downhill. but usually you hope for flat terrain first! but getting past that. the hike was pretty much a breeze and we did end up having to go into a town to find fuel. Pawling was the desitnation of my first hitch hike mission. we stood out on the roadside for literally a good ten minutes (and thats a long time in the hot sun) and finally shauna went into the landscaping place we were outside of and asked for a ride. so that was nice... and Brianne ended up having to meet us with fuel bc there was none in town - we were barely able to find a phone! but the cvs had ac and a bathroom that flushed and Vinny's Deli had the most kickinest sandwiches everrrrr! totally filled us up and im pretty sure vinny was obsessed with fresh mozzarella cheese... he had to be an expert or connoisseur or something... or just in love

ohhhh yeah right before we got to the road we were goin thru this field and we saw the cutest little baby fawn everrrrrrr - couldnt have been more than a few weeks old - not even waist high to us yet! she was soo cute and we froze and didnt really know what to do and she froze too like deer always do and then we moved a little and she bolted in the other direction. so that was cool to see something more than just squirrels and chipmunkns and birds all day.

sooo pawling was a nice little break - getting back on from there hurt a little at first bc we didnt digest fast enough for our legs apparently. but we got goin again and this night we stayed at either the railroad pioneer or telephone pioneer shelter-- i dont know why i cant remember which name it was - i definitly want to say railroad but for some reason i think thats wrong. whatever... either way it was a nice little shelter and we had a good cold spring for our water. At first we were alone for a little bit then this kid Brian came up (he didnt have a trail name yet) and after him 2 other guys with their 2 dogs showed up. the first guy, Torbin, walked thru and when i asked him how he was he just kinda grunted and walked away in pain to pitch their tent. the second guy Bamboo sat down by us and chatted for a while. and it turns out poor torbin had like massive blisters and crap covering BOTH his feet, hence the bad mood and painful looking walking. eventually he came back around and rested by us and started to talk a little. I think they knew brian from the last shelter they stayed at too. So me and shauna were pretty excited bc we thought wed have ppl to stay in the shelter with tonight, but it turns out bamboo and torbin and chestnut (bamboo's dog)and i feel really bad for not remembering the other dog's name, but him too all stayed in a tent, and brian had this kick butt hammock that had a bug screen as its top and he got in from the bottom and it velcroed up nice and easy. So that was neat to see.

but we all ate dinner eventually and the sky started to get pretty dark and unhappy, so pretty much everyone laid down then bc the rain started to come. shauna read me a short story (hahahaha oh susan miller and your crazy short stories that have to do with inappropriate adult sex) and chestnut hung out with us for a bit then finally found bamboo. so we went to go to sleep but a pretty constant drip was coming off the gutter of the shelter so i decided to take a psuedo-shower. i really just wanted to rinse my hair out bc it had definitly turned a lil gross and been sweated in a lot and my pits a lil and my shoulders and back. SO it actually felt really good and refreshing, but - hahahhaahaha - 2 more people came running up just as i was done with my hair. they were a little muddy and wet but not too bad. But then of course we had to talk to them and hear their stories which were actually pretty good. Their names were Bugs and Kilo by the way. Cool people i thought (bugs might have rubbed slick the wrong way tho) but we still had to wait for them to eat and whatnot until we could really fall asleep. not a big deal - but we were definitly ready for sleep at that point.

I dont actually remember hearing him say it, but shauna said kilo decided to sleep in the back corner of the shelter bc he said that way all the bugs wouldnt find him...
well im pretty sure every mosquito and fly flocked to him anyway because she said he couldnt get to sleep all night and he definitly slept in the next morning. i felt bad bc he was definitly a cool guy.


soo we were hanging our food bags from a tree branch like always (so animals specifically bears cant get to it) its a pretty easy concept: throw a rock tied to your rope over a good strong branch, preferably outwards away from the trunk. Well shauna had found one and gotten the rope over and the bags were already tied to the other end. So my job was to push the bags up as high as i could to help with the slack on the branch. WELLLLL apparently the branch we were on was not soo trustworthy... of course i didnt find that one out until it was crashing down onto my head and slick was 20 yards in the opposite direction! LOL soo yeah that was kinda hilarious - and i ended up taking a picture of myself with the branch that was bigger than my body later. So then we still had the task of finding another branch for the bags - conveniently enough shauna picks one thats like hanging off the side of the mountain and i have to stand on this giant mossy slippery rock to catch the stone and then hold the bag up again. after a few coughreally bad missescough i mean tries, and after i almost fell off the rock, we finally get the rope around the branch we want and get the bags safely up with no more cranium damage. needless to say this whole time we are cracking up and bamboo and brian kept looking over and asking if we needed help, but we knew we could do it on our own! they might have thought we were crazy- but it was definitly worth it!

so that was the most awesome part of that day - EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! and now that ive got another day in the books (or webpages whatever) im gonna head to bed bc its like 2amish now. kinda took my time on this one - and of course it came out long as all my entries do.
I apologize again, but hope this one had some interesting stuff to it at least.

coming soon to my journal on a computer screen near you (well right in front of you i hope):

Day THHHHRrrrrrRREEEeeeee... dun duuuun dunnnnn

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(p.s.those are/were my trail names in case noone got that)
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On July 1st, 2006 01:34 pm (UTC), coonslick commented:
just a comment and junk. bugs was cool.. she did have some good stuff to say - like learning early on that she was out there cuz she wanted to be, not because she had to be. that totally hit home for me. I felt like that early on too.. it was more of a job than an adventure - and coming up here and doing some of my own stuff really helped me to remember that it wasn't something that i HAD to do

BB - you helped me to remember that much fun can be had on the trail - i think i just needed to go easy on myself. thanks kid.
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