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author's pre-day 4 note

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So i'm sitting here eating some ice cream bc it is ungodly hot for 11pm and im gonna write this next entry about our awesome journey and its kinda odd for me because shauna is going to be leaving tomorrow to rejoin the guys in virginia. So im gonna be remembering all these times we had together while knowing that shes going back to have awesomer times with the bandats. and i am sooooo incredibly glad shes getting back on - bc this is definitly her thing and as much as she says its not about having to do it its about wanting to do it... i kno she still needs to. and i dont mean like shes forcing herself to bc she planned it and put a lot of time energy and money into it, i mean as the person she is and is going to be she needs to do this to prove to herself that she can.

now i already know she really does trust herself and push herself and believe in herself more now that she has hiked alone and whatnot... so its not about the physical part anymore. i think its more like shes so in touch and in love with nature and feels so at home there that she wouldnt be happy until she finished what she started. (shes also kind of stubborn and driven and naturally not a quitter, so that all fuels the fire)

but yeah i guess i just wanted to throw that down in here... for no real reason at all, just to get it out i think. and with that little prologue... ON TO DAY 4!!
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