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OHHHH mannn - ok so the reality that school is coming (and fast)…

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OHHHH mannn - ok so the reality that school is coming (and fast) definitly hit me liiiiike yesterday.the whole week last week i worked every day almost from open to close every day. totalling it all up i got 62 hours in!!!! thats pretty ridikulus, but ron was proud of me and everyone told me i did awesome. so i felt really good about that. at one point there were actually no nursing home cycle fills in the back. (a cycle fill is just all the lables for the residents' monthly scrips) but yeah - i got so caught up that had nothing to do for a few hours 2 of the days i was there.

SOOOo i used that quality time to spend some time with my buddies. Clarey and i definitly bonded; lets just day she went thru a lil bit of a breakdown, nothing too serious, and im awesome and was the only one who could calm her down. and then moving to the rest of the shaub family i got to hang out with my new joey (yes he is mine; i own him) but yeah i just gotta say i love that kid sooooooooincredibly much. hes like the biggest sweetheart ever and so incredibly laid back. plus he thinks im funny and he literally laughs at everything i say. ohh and then he punches me as thanks for when i buy everyone lunch! yeah all in all good times. OOOOOHHHH and RANDYYYYYYY was finally back this week!!!!!!!!!! i missed him so incredibly much. and i was soo glad to get a good chat in with him about his vaycay. then of course he kept me there like 2 hrs past when i was sposed to be, but still its randy and for him id do that. (p.s. he told someone i was the greatest thing since sliced bread! for real too!!)

umm so i cant write much longer bc i really need to get a LOTTT of reading done. but i just wanted to say srry for so much time in between and day 5 is still definitly coming.

main point that this was sposed to be for was to say that i was called to be and academic assistant!!! this is huge - its kind of like RA only i dont have as much responsibility and i pretty much just tutor them/help with homework instead of babysitting them! and so i will be at school earlier than usual - i.e. this sunday. so that sshould be nice for me to have a few days before school starts to myself and hopefully catch up on all my reading i was sposed to do. bc im not gonna lie i have a TON if work - i have to catch up on my medical term. reading and i have to read my AA manual and i will have to do the homeworks from the training ill miss(which as slacker-y as it sounds its awesome that i dont have to go to all of it) and when i get there ill need to make all the posters and bulletin board stuff and program ideas... so its gonna be busy and nonstop! but it will be a good challenge for me. this whole year is going to be i have a feeling!

alright well for now goodnihgt bc im gonna go read med term - have like 4 chapters to read b4 the first day of classes so... crunch time...


p.s. SLICK'S BACKKKKKKK YAYYyaaaaaa - man i missed that chick!
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On August 18th, 2006 01:28 pm (UTC), x_socrushmebabi commented:
hello from greece my love! this is the only site i could really get onto for the past few days and i have to PAY to use the computer. ugh. well here it's hot and kinda smelly but gorgeous none the less. can't wait to get home to see you guys!

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On August 18th, 2006 10:57 pm (UTC), buttlumps201 replied:
HEYYYYYY dude - thats so awesome that you can get online in greece - sucky that hafta pay tho... ohh well u should be enjoying to views and the water and whatnot. I hope its beautiful and cant wait to see you guys and your pictures when you get back! DALAI LAMA coming soonnnnnto a UB near you.
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