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if · u · ever · decide · not · to · be · a · lazy · ass...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh man - easter = MASSIVE FATTYNESS all over the…

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ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh man - easter = MASSIVE FATTYNESS all over the place. im pretty sure i gained at the very least 700 pounds. no lie (ok maybe a little) but for real its prety disgusting looking back on all the things i ate. but this week is gonna be pretty hectic so im hoping that will help even myself out!

umm i really dont know why im writing on here - my brains not so focused on this... more mesmerized by the beautiful voice of hayley from paramore. ohhhh i kinda wanted to do an after the fact disclaimer for those last two entries-- i get into these crazy stages sometimes... (i cant call them moods bc its not like a mood - this junks always in the back of my head) these are just the times when its all i can think about. soo yeah the disclaimer isnt that they were written when i was unstale or aanything... what i put i meant. i just wanted to say that im usually not that dramatic. i think that all my feelings built up all at once and kind of overwhelmed me. i feel a bit clearer on the subject which is good bc thats what this thing is here for and it worked. so those last two arent so entertaining if thats what anyone reads this for - theyr actually quite boring and me just being wordy and confusing.

it made sense to me so i think its alright tho.

but yeah this week - ITS GONNA BE FREAKING AWESOME and im really lookin forward to seeing if i can pull everything off. i havnt been challenged in a while as far as brain power and body power all at once. im pumped and ready for it. but for now i gotta start it off right with some good sleep. so im gonna update but i dont want to until i have absolutly nothing else to do... so sit tight (like a toiger)

"and its been so loooong since ive heard a sound, the sound of my only hooooooope"


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