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if · u · ever · decide · not · to · be · a · lazy · ass...

Day 0 - yeahhhhh

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saturday the 17th (i believe) was the day it all started. actually it had really started like a week and a half earlier when i got a call on my phone that i was definitly not expecting from the one and only shauna. we talked for a while and then she was like "sooooo im going out for 2 weeks hiking, you want to come with me?" and i defintly did but i didnt think i could get 2 whole weeks off especially since when i asked when she was like this weekend! sooo eventually i figured i could get a week off and that night she told me everything id need clothes-wise and food-wise and gear-wise. sooo needless to say i was soo pumped that night that i almost couldnt sleep. But neways - getting back to day 0.

SOO Saturday morning came along and i planned on waking up at 5 so i could shower and leave by 6. Unfortunately i have a sneaking suspision that those darn kids my mom watches were messing with the volume on my alarm clock bc it never went off and i somehow woke up at 548. But whatever it wasnt a big deal. so i showered and loaded my stuff in the car and had b-fast said adios to la familia and was off by 7ish.i felt all cool bc my mom made me lunch for the road and everything (ohhhh yeah did i mention its a 5.5 hour drive?! it is) so i was set and had a bunch of water and everything. but apparently i forgot to go to the bathroom before i left bc not even 2 whole hours into it and i had to go sooooo bad. but of course i wanted to make good time so i tried to see if i could hold it for a bit - only to find out i could not. dont worry no accidents or anything but i definitly had to wait bc i had just passed a rest stop and the next one wasnt for another 22 miles. riiiigggghhhhht. so that could have ended badly, but did not thankfully - but i swear i peed for literally a minute and a half - thats a whole 90 seconds!!!! go ahead count to 90 right now to get an idea of how long that is to urinate... well thats how long i went for!! i kid you not. ok thats really the only excited thing from the drive, i didnt get lost, i did see a dude with his car stuck in a pretty steep ditch on the other side of the highway - and facing in the wrong direction so im bettin' he was lucky to be outside of the car.

Eventually i did make it to shauna's house after pulling into the wrong driveway - which was more like a bad dirt path that led to a barn for cattle and then going to wrong way away from her house... but i did make it - and her house is awesome. an awesome location far off the road and with a beautiful view out back and lovely trees everywhere, just an awesome homey feel to it. but yeah so once i got there we kinda fitted my pack to me and then sorted out breakfasts for the hike and pretty much bummed around for a bit. then we had to go to her cousin's grad party which i wasnt too excited about simply bc i figured itd be more like a family thing and i wouldnt know anyone. it turned out not to be that bad. good food, beautiful house, cool people, some mingling with all of the walsh side of the fam (papa walsh with his 6 siblings = craziness). but yeah not a bad day it was good to see Brie again (shauna's sis) and good to see ma and pa walsh and good to just not be sitting for another 5 hrs pretty much.

so we got back and kinda lazed about and went to bed early bc we had an early mornin waiting for us. all in all a good day

p.s. i just have to say how awesome shauna's grandma is. Somehow whenever i see her EVERRR i always end up with a giant bag of cookies and treats and stuff. shes just a sweetheart and has welcomed me so warmly. i feel like im her grandkid too, i dunno shes just that awesome.

thus ended day 0
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