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if · u · ever · decide · not · to · be · a · lazy · ass...

Lucky Number Three

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oook - day three... man am i glad i wrote stuff down on post-its last night! sooo day 3 was our second shortest day i believe. something like 7.6 miles maybe? yeah once again up at dawn. had an awesome combo oatmeal b-fast - peaches strawberries and blueberies 'n' cream all in one! u cant lose. so our next destination was morgan stewart memorial shelter. When we got there we met freeze out and overflow who were just stopping for a quick break. they were having a pretty long day if i recall correctly. but yeah - we were jsut chatting about nothing really, and it turns out overflow was an engineer (lterally the fourth one we met thus far) and she majored in mechanical. and when shauna said she knew some guys who just gradiated with civil engineering overflow was like "we always said civil guys are the ones who couldnt cut it in mechanical..."

Cue awkward silence NOW

two of the guys shauna's hiking with are the two civil engineers so that was only slightly incredibly awkward, but we just let it go. either way - eventually we were alone in the shelter for a little while. this place was not very open like the first one so frisbeeing fun was not had. there was this amusing phoebe bird that had a nest under the outer roof of the shelter but was kinda thrown off bc our stuff was hangin aorund and drying and whatnot. so that was kinda funny watching it tryin to figure out what happened. but the water did come from a cool well pump but was a good hike away from the shelter and could be complicated to retrieve alone. im also going to go ahead and make it official now... morgan stewart also has the blue ribbon for "NASTIEST PRIVY EVERRRRRRRR" everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. it was soo bad, just everything bad u could picture about port-a-potties and privies and anything to do with raunchy nasty stank was bundled up in this one box and multipllied times 1 bajillion.

and of course us being the geniuses we are... for dinner we had rice, which we apparently had wayyyyyyyy too much of - bc slick couldnt even finish it all after i was done (usually shed take care of anything leftover) But yeah extra rice - nowhere to really put it so we were lowered to the point of having to dump it out in the privy! that was definitly a chore. we went together i think more for moral support than anything. i was in charge of the actual dump. and almost vommitted even tho i was already breathing thru my mouth!! thats how bad it was. and i was almost certain i smelled like the stupid privy much like u smell like smoke when u go to a bonfire. but luckily we were still within the 300 ft radius around the privy where u still get the maximum stench rating. so i was happy it didnt cling to me and we went down to the well to wash the stuff together. good team effort that day,

the well pump thing i actually ended up taking a picture of for my sister - i thought it could be something rustic-artistic that she could paint or something... u never know. ironically enough - this is the shelter i took pics at of the place itself bc somehow i realized i had my phone and i was checking the time and had pretty good service surprisingly. so i called my mom to say hi and let her know we were alive. and she told me to take a bunch - so i did. im excited to get those developed soon. (still 3 left on it) butt yeahh - that was cool sayin hola to mi madre - and also shauna was doing some crazy stretching/yoga on top of a tree stump. dont ask .

so yeah - in between a nap and dinner - we met this one girl, and her name had gator in it and had some alliteration... and also buttercup came along. he stayed with us and chilled for a while - watched us play WARRRR (one of the only card games i kno-and sadly still lost at) and he told us actual valuable information about the hikes coming up and the ones thru pennsylvania(for slick). he was a cool guy - definitly kinda freaked me out when he said i looked familiar and he was from around atlanta... he named some family ive never heard of... whatever - it was funny.

mostly i remember being really tired this day - and i am ashamed and have noooo idea whyyy. i definitly got a good nap in and so did shauna. she also read some more stories to me - a tradition id come to enjoy immensely. The first one this night was ironically appropriate at first and then just kinda disturbing. the story behind this is that i got my freaking period this night (when i wasnt expecting it til the end of the week). so the beginning of the story was kind of hilarious just for the simple fact that it was a detailed story of some little girls first time getting her visit from aunt flo. terrribly amusing really - so after that the story turned creepy and whatnot. but it ended and we were ok.

soo then being the lazy overly tired bums we are - we pretty much went to bed after dinner. only we didnt sleep for quite a while.instead we had a pretty awesome chat session - and i say session bc it was definitly a good few hours. well into the night we were discussing important issues. all in all a good night - bc we drove ourselves to the point of retarded tiredness... u know, the one where u just dont make sense at all anymore! thats it.

almost totally forgot about this - sorry for this whole thing being random and out of any kind of order at all by the way - so the thing i forgot almost was that Bamboo, from last night, left some trail Magic on the trail that we went thru. we're talking FRESHHHHH FRUITTT something every hiker appreciates so much and some cheese and possibly the best part - we got a special note written just to US!!! yeah - chalk that one up on my list of unforgettable/big hiking experiences. it was suuuch a good pick-us-up.

ohhhh and just as we were sitting down to enjoy some grapes, we met elvis trailsley! hes this awesome old dude who thru hiked a few times i think and he lives really close(400 steps apparently) from the trail so he maintains this good sized section of it. so we got to chat with him for a bit and he told us of his plans for NAKED HIKING DAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

almost forgot about that too - First Day of Summer = naked hiking day as well! so elvis told us he was going to go to the telephone pioneer shelter (from day2) and hike the little triangular path that forms from each side trail off the main one to the shelter. so i was kinda glad i missed that sight. he also was going to skinny dip in nuclear lake (no actual nuclear damage there im pretty sure) and this day was actually perfect for it bc it was kinda muggy. but alas - we had already also passed that too - u can tell how upset i was...

well thats pretty much all i can remember - sorry for being completely scattered and boring and pointless - hope a few chuckles were had. and i hope my pictures get developed soon - i want them soooo badly!!!!!!!!!

alright - im falling asleep currently - no lie... i just dozed off for like 5 minutes just now. and i have to get up early again - but i wanted to get this one in. perhaps ill edit it to make it funnier/put anything i might've forgotten in. GOOD NIIIGHHHHH!

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On July 2nd, 2006 10:04 am (UTC), coonslick commented:
i'm not gonna lie, a laughed .. out loud even.. when i read this entry. :)
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