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if · u · ever · decide · not · to · be · a · lazy · ass...

Day 4 (and no i did not plan for day 4 to be on July 4th) --- some things just work out

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SOOO Day Four: it feels like we're pretty far into the hike at this point and we are, but i didnt realize how much there is left to tell still! So last night was morgan stewart shelter aka "u might wanna hold it til the next privy or even just woody area you see." Breakfast was awesomeeeeeee... homemade cocoa puffs!! haha shauna is so resourseful (as you will find out later on as well) that she made kix into cocoa puffs. we werent sure how it would turn out, but a lil powedered milk later and we were golden.

so the morning was splendid and dandy until i remembered i had my period, and ohhhh yeah... only like 2 tampons left. since there was nothing i could do then i decided worryin wouldnt help so i peed as quick as i could that mornin and we headed out for the day. originally we were only gonna do 9ish miles, but the next day we woulda had to do 18, so we were contemplating all day for a way to even it out more. We ended up getting to RPH shelter (the one we planned on staying at) by like 1130. and ohhhhhh man it was one of the nicest shelters ive ever seen in my life. (thats still really impressive even considering the only shelters ive seen were on this trip) but for real - it had bunk bed frames and a desk and benches and extra chairs and the PRIVYYYYY............ ohhhhhh myyy goodness. it was like a luxury place. i literally enjoyed it. like i wanted to go to the bathroom more than once when we were there. unfortunately for me i only had enough liquid in me for one visit. but good gracious it was beautiful and blue and clean and did NOT smell and had a good vent and a cute plaque and everything. so needless to say we took a picture of us in front of it. is it sad that my fondest or at least most entertaining memories all have something to do with privies? im not even lying... i can think of at least 2 more good stories that i havnt written down yet involving them.

getting over that for now tho... RPH also happened to be the near scene of yet another unforgettable hiking experience. so we all know about the low tampon situation. and at one point before we got to RPH we crossed a road right where people can get on and off the Taconic Pkwy. there were a few houses around it so we thought maybe someone could spare some for me or at least we could find a store to grab some. well, the first woman we asked said she didnt use tampons...whatever-- EW... any girl understands why i say that. then the next one we were gonna walk up to her huose an ask but she ended up pulling out before we could, so we just asked how close the nearest store was and it turned out to be like 4-5 miles = out of the question for anyone paying attention. so we kinda had to let that one go. But before we arrived at RPH we crossed the road that was really close to a it. so i figured there was no harm in trying again. this time i went alone and the first house was empty (at least i think it was) i mean there was a dog but the TV was on and noone answered... but i ended up going across the street up this semi-long driveway and knocked on the front door of my first ever TRAIL ANGEL's house. (this is the cool experience part) so i ring the doorbell and 3 massive dogs start barking at me on the window and finally this woman come to it and i try to explain the situation to her, but shes also trying to hold back the pooches and cant really hear me. So i have to explain it twice actually and once she understands she kinda cuts me off to spare me any more embarrassment and just says "you've got it!" So im waiting for a bit and the biggest sense of relief just washes over me and i dont think i've ever been soooooo excited to see a tampon in my life!! she comes back with a ziploc bag filled with like 5 reg and 5 super!!!!!! man she is good - i thank her over and over, and shes like "its a good thing my husband didnt answer the door :D!" hahah my goodness this woman does not know how much she has just made my week and shes just nice to boot. so i hike on back down the driveway and over to shauna all excited and pumped and triumphant and whatnot. honestly i have never been so thankful for a tmapon before in my life and probly never will be. so yeah like 50 ft off the road was RPH and we had lunch there. There is also where we met a group of 4 girls (kinda unusual to see) and we ended up chatting for a while and frisbeeing with them and i climbed a tree with 2 of em. I went all the way to the top pretty much which was awesome bc i havnt climbed a good tree in probly over 7 yrs. so that was awesome. i only remember 3 of their names... Sassafras, Crumbs, and Low Key. the fourth girl was actually the girl who frisbeed with me alone first and she was pretty cool. they all were so easy going and having fun and also quite imformative because they helped us find out how wed even out our days.

We decided to stay at Canopus Lake campgrounds that night upon hearing that its a free stay for thru hikers and there were HOT SHOWERSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! i kid u not. so we were psyched and eventually got back on our way. of course nothing can ever be perfect... bc shauna went to look at the elevation profile and realzied the books werent with us (we forgot them at the shelter) and slick ended up leaving me and the packs and hiking the preposterous 2.5 mi. to RPH and another 2.5 back to me. She said she would have left them but she had notes in them and the guys would need them for when they reached up here. i felt so bad, but she said it was her fault so shed go get them. so for a good while i was alone and had nothing to do so i fidgeted and checkout out the forest around where we stopped and it was actually by where the trail crossed a road so it wasnt freaky or anything. she finally made it back and was horrible playing a joke on me saying they werent even there. when all she did was hide them in her bra... EVIL she was. well not really... funny for sure - but she definitly totally got me. We then ventured the rest of our journey. The next hill we went up was kinda tough, mostly bc she needed that energy back from the extra 5. and also we met the guy who maintains that section and lets just say... i hope he was on vaycay or something, bc otherwise hes been slacking. everntually we caught up to these two older hikers who stopped at RPH just when we were leaving and passed us while slick was retreiving the books. they were soo nice - really easygoing and they were slack packing (where somehow thru a car or family/friends you leave most heavy unneccesary things in a car while carrying pretty much only food and water to lighten the load) she they had a cr waiting at the end of this section we were doing too and said theyd give us a ride to the campground if we wanted to wait for them to catch up. Considering the campsite was a mile off the trail UPHILL we definitly took them up on the offer and we soo thankful for it. (another cool experience for the list) the old guys name was swampy i think and we didnt catch the womans name, but they were such awesome people.

SOOOOO the campground turned out to be the perfect inbetween for us. I ended up doing 16 miles that day and slick had a whopping 21 under her belt! so we were so ready for sleep. But even more ready for food first and then a nice steamy shower. conveniently we were right across from the shower/restroom building. first we set up tent!!!!!!!!!!!! thats right we set up a tent we didnt have! and when i say we i mean shauna did. shes a genius i swear. just brilliant planning and logic and resoursefulness as always. she used our plastic liners and 2 plastic bags, trekking poles, and rope to make an actual tent. small pebbles she used to hook the 2 liners together to be the actual shelter. one end was closed by a plastic bag, the other by our rain jackets after we got in. and the sides held down and out by firepit rocks. it was a work of pure genius.. theres just no other way to put it. i was and am still so impressed with her, i really belive she can do anything she wants. but getting back to the day. so the tent was ready and we were ready for food. MY GOODNESS dinner was the BESSSSTTTTT EVERRR. it wasnt even bc we were so hungry - it was really really good. campanella noodles in some pasta mix stuff. i really have to ask her what that mix was bc it was stupendous. but anyway, one little aspect i failed to mention yet is how incredibly bad the mosquitoes were at this place. it was in the woods after all, but my goodness they were relentless and seemed like there were billions of them. they were going thru 2 layers of clothing and socks so we had to wear our rainjackets to stop them on the upper body. 100% DEET was used on the lower half and that only barely worked. but we found shelter from them in the shower building and also we found HOT WATER. showers were awesome, and right away we hopped in the tent for bed. unfortunately with our wet hair and the hotness of the night so far the tent turned into a SAUNA! we were pretty paranoid with tryin to kill the mosquitoes that were in there too. eventually i think we got all but 2, and that was good enough. sleep took over pretty quickly only after some hilrious attempts at sealing the "tent" and killing the blood-suckers.

that is pretty much it for day four! except that that night turned out to be colder than idd suspected and i only had the skinny part of shauna's sleeping bag on me so i ended up being frigidized that night. it wasnt too bad - i felt like i should just be tough and get over it. little did i kno all i had to do was ask and i could have cuddled... looking back now i see my mistake in tryin to be a hardass. but i did make it thru the night and i guess thats enough. so Day 4 was actually to me the greatest day up until now largley because of the tampon trail angel. but seriously over all - the BEST TIME EVERRRRRRRRR - cuddling would have put it over the edge, but ill have to live with myself without it i guess. maybe some day...


well for now - im done... it is quarter to 1 and im gettin up at 4 to say bye to jared abby uncle dj and aunt eydie... then going back to sleep til 7, then gettin up to shower and get ready for work at 9.

~~there shall be separate entries for the fun family visit we had for future reference~~

good night!!

Bug Bait

p.s. apparently i am horrible at goodbyes; not exactly something im eager to work on...
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On July 14th, 2006 03:45 pm (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
i ain't no genius. i'm a backpacker.

you know how i said that the trail sucks the intelligence out of me? i think i take it back - i just store it up for times when it's needed so it's like extra smartness for the situation or some junk like that.

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